Silva UltraMind ESP System

The dictionary definition of intuition is “the act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes, the instinctive knowledge or a belief about something without conscious reasoning”. It is derived from the Latin word 'intueri' which means 'to see within.' It is a way of knowing, of sensing the truth without explanations. How many times you would have wondered that while the phone rings you have a gut feel that the person on the phone is the X and it turned out to be same or you think of a friend or relative you lost touch in years all of a sudden and you bump into the person in the market within couple of hours and kept talking about the rare coincidence of how you thought of him only that day and miraculously meeting him immediately. These incidences do happen in our life and we take it unusual coincidences.

We all have that intuitive sense from the first day of our lives. By following your “gut feel” or everyday hunches, you are actually taking test drives. You are in fact listening to that little inner voice or feel inside of you. The more you use your intuition the better you get at it. We tend to think that the level of intuition our ability to tap into them cannot be improved. But in fact there are proven ways to develop your intuitive ability and use our subjective senses for problem solving and improving our life.

In the 50s, Jose Silva discovered that it was possible to train people to function at the Alpha level. He was the pioneer of the idea that the human mind had abilities beyond the five senses and that these abilities could be harnessed to improve one’s life. He development the Silva UltraMind ESP System to help people not just achieve what they want, but also what is ‘right’ for them. He developed the method to tap into your inner potential and your inner guide.

How Silva UltraMind can be helpful to you?

Before we tell you about how Silva UltraMind can be helpful to you, first we want to show you a Rare Video of Sir Jose Silva himself explaining about the Mind Chart(Which we promised to send you).

The Video below will give you a brief about the Silva UltraMind Technology and also give you an idea about what will be covered in the 2 Days Training which you will register for.

After the Video the text below will explain you more about the benefits of this training for you.


Jose Silva, the founder of The Silva Method, is a man I have admired for a long time. I have used The Silva Method of visualization for many years. It has helped me overcome illnesses and accidents and avoid surgery. I urge you to attend Silva training sessions. -Wayne W. Dyer, author of Real Magic

'The most important technique I learned in The Silva Method was creative visualization . . . I found that it was amazingly effective.' -Shakti Gawain, author of Creative Visualization

'If you can count, you can count on the Silva Sales Power Method to skyrocket your sales. This teaches how to sell your way through the top. Learn to enjoy success, achievement and all the benefits of the good life like time, money and lifestyle freedom while selling yourself by Silva's ideas.' -Mark Victor Hansen, motivational speaker, sales trainer, and author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Our Participants:

Enlightened More knowledgeble about Silva Training System. Came to know about phychie provens,physhometry, Orientology. Five affirmations Each day in everyway feeling better, better and better. Good experience . -Dr. D. C. Tomar, MNM Jain Engg College,Prof & HOD

Lots of revealing. A strong belief has come into me that, I can solve any problem. Realization of inner energy, seeking guidance from universal intelligence, awareness and harnessing of alpha level energy are factors which have opened new avenues in my life. The workshop was not theoretical; very practical and applicable. It is a new, most needed experience for me. -T.K. Chandrasekaran, Director,Institute of Human Resource management(IHRM)

I feel every moment I am excelling. Everything that I ask in alpha level, is happening like magic, but it looks like coincidence to others. I feel my life is becoming enchanting, blissful and purposeful. -Dr.Vanaja Vaithiyanathan, Opthalmic Surgeon, Jothi eye care, Pondy