Suggested Reading

Law Of Attraction :

Law Of Attraction - Getting more of What you want and less of what you don't
By Michael Losier

Think And Grow Rich
By Napoleon Hill

The Complete Master Key System
By Charles F. Haanel

Ask And It Is Given : Learning To Manifest Your Desires
By Abraham-Hicks

The Law Of Attraction
By Abraham-Hicks

The Secret
By Rhonda Byrne

The Amazing Power Of Deliberate Intent: Living The Art Of Allowing
By Abraham-Hicks

The Law Of Attraction Cards: 60-Card Deck
By Abraham-Hicks

The Power Of Intention
By Wayne W. Dyer

Emotional Intelligence EI / EQ:

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ
By Daniel Goleman

Working With Emotional Intelligence
By Daniel Goleman

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 [With Access Code]
By Travis Bradberry

The Eq Difference
By Adele B. Lynn


NLP: The New Technology Of Achievement
By Steve Andreas

NLP Workbook: A Practical Guide To Achieving The Results You Want
By Joseph O'connor

Need to Know What is NLP?
By Carolyn Boyes

Mind Warriors : Winning Strategies With NLP
By Dipankar Khanna

Silva Method /Ultramind ESP and Mind Control:

The Silva Mind Control Method
By Jose Silva

The Silva Mind Control Method Of Mental Dynamics
By Jose Silva

Excuses Begone!: How To Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits
By Wayne W. Dyer

The Biology Of Belief: Unleashing The Power Of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles
By Bruce H. Lipton

Spirituality and Metaphysics :

A Course In Miracles: Combined Volume
By Foundation For Inner Peace

Irreducible Mind: Toward A Psychology For The 21st Century
By Edward and Emily Kelly

The Nature Of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques For Solving Everyday Problems
By Jane Roberts

Healing :

You Can Heal Your Life
By Louise L Hay

Reiki: Universal Life Energy: Holistic Self- and Spiritual Healing
By Bodo Baginski and Shalila Sharamon

The Healing Code: 6 Minutes To Heal The Source Of Your Health, Sucess Or Relationship Issue
By Alex Loyd

A Handbook Of Chakra Healing: Spiritual Practice For Health, Harmony And Inner Peace
By Kalashatra Govinda