Tarot Card Reading

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be when you have access to divine guidance and reassurance on major life issues…

Are you keen to adept yourself with a tool to guide you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts, to show you a fresh perspective on your life…

You would be wondering right now how YOU can access the most powerful sources of information from within… Would you like to have a handy tool that offers personalized impressions and interpretations to best meet your unique needs?

A tarot card reading provides guidance through the interpretation of images on a deck of cards, called tarot. Although tarot readers are generally considered to be somewhat like fortune tellers, in reality, tarot cards are meant to help a person more clearly see the options life offers and hence choose better paths. They are tools of divination that are means of communicating with our Guides, Guardian Angles, or Higher Self; however one chooses to name the metaphysical guardians that watch over each of us in our journey in this material world. Although many versions of tarot cards exist, almost all decks have 78 cards. Twenty-two cards are called the Major Arcana cards, which are believed to represent major events in life. The remaining 56 cards are called Minor Arcana cards.

 The tarot is also a great spiritual guidance tool for healing and personal growth. It reminds us that we are all deeply spiritual. Regardless of where we are in life, being spiritual is about being clean and balanced from within, doing the right thing at any situation and in alignment with one’s own conscience, values and principles. The cards remind us of our need to be in touch with our own divinity, with a good sense of self-respect and a healthy amount of ego - and HOW to do that.

The Major Arcana speak about the depths of the human mind, belief systems, higher realities reflecting in our lives, and other major aspects of life and consciousness. The Minor Arcanas speak to the everyday realities and struggles, bringing light to our innerselves in the journey through the chaos of life. The pictorial representations and symbols bring up revelations about how our past and present are affecting the future, many times revealing unconscious patterns and influences.

While meditation, mindfulness gratitude, prayer, responsibility, respect and empathy are all important aspects of spirituality, the Arcana cards reveal that spirituality has more to do with what is going on within us, than what is happening around. The cards constantly help us connect with this inner divinity, to what is hidden within our psyche, to realize that the Universal power, or force, is one.

With a tarot reading, comes a lot of insight into the influencing factors and circumstances of the query. This helps in guiding us towards positive outcomes and a better understanding of any given situation. All it then requires is a willingness to change our perceptions and realign ourselves for what is best for us. Having said that, Tarot cannot make decisions for us, because we have what is called “Free Will”, and it hence remains to be a tool for greater self-awareness.

The outcomes predicted in the Tarot are NOT akin to destiny, or fate. In fact it is the opposite. It empowers you to make an informed choice. Given that the predictions are based on your energies, thoughts and perceptions at that moment, change your thoughts and perceptions, and the outcome will be different.