Tarot Card Reading

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be when you have access to divine guidance and reassurance on major life issues… Are you keen to adept yourself with a tool to guide you through your troubled emotions and clouded thoughts, to show you a fresh perspective on your life… You would be wondering right now how YOU can access the most powerful sources of information from within… Would you like to have a handy tool that offers personalized impressions and interpretations to best meet your unique needs? A tarot card reading provides guidance through the interpretation of images on a deck of cards, called tarot. Although tarot readers are generally considered to be somewhat of a fortune tellers, in reality, original tarot cards are meant to help a person more clearly see the options life offers and hence choose better paths. They are tools of divination that are means of communicating with our Guides, Guardian Angles, or Higher Self; however one chooses to name the metaphysical guardians that watch over each of us in our journey in this material world. Although many versions of tarot cards exist, all decks have 78 cards. Twenty-two cards are called the Major Arcana cards, which are believed to represent major events in life. The remaining 56 cards are called Minor Arcana cards. In the course of the two days (16 hours), you will learn
  • How Tarot cards work
  • How to prepare the space to give a tarot reading
  • Details of different kinds of cards within the deck
  • Symbolisms associated with each of the cards
  • 8 types of spreads and their applications
  • How to give a reading
  • How to make accurate predictions
  • Practice various spreads and different kinds of readings