NLP Practitioner Level-1 (NFNLP Certified)

The NLP Practitioner Level training is designed to help you become the very best in your chosen field.You will learn a set of skills that can be the foundation for all the goals in your life.NLP will take you to the roots of understanding human behavior and teach you the very fabric of thought and action.It is often said that NLP has made the greatest contribution to the behavioral sciences in the last 40 years.Practice NLP to become your very best! Please find below few of the benefits you can get.. Learn NLP techniques and maximize your success in working with your clients. Build instant rapport with anyone, anytime Use language patterns that influence, intrigue, persuade, and motivate others Create change in the moment. Design strategies for effectively obtaining results and achieving goals.Understand how to access emotional states that are appropriate and useful for any given situation. Develop greater sensory awareness to enhance the experience of your life. Build confidence and motivation. Adopt empowering beliefs.Increase your command over life. Release negative emotions, limiting decisions, and limiting beliefs Generate techniques that create positive and lasting change And much, much more A Training Glimpse
  1. How to Build & Maintain Rapport
  2. Maintain Rapport with Groups
  3. Rapid Learning & Rapid Motivation Strategies
  4. How to See & Hear Expertly
  5. How to Improve Personal/Professional Relationships
  6. How to use Client’s Resistance to your Advantage
  7. States of Excellence
  8. How to make Rapid, Lasting Changes
  9. Anchoring: Heart of Rapid Change
  10. Quick Impact Therapy
  11. How to Access Personal Strengths & Resources
  12. How to Solve Problems at the Subconscious Level
  13. How to Ask the Right Questions
  14. How to Be Aware, More Focused
  15. Language as Therapy/Business Tool
  16. Eye Accessing Cues
  17. All types of Anchoring Techniques
  18. Linear Time Line Processing
  19. Homework Observation, Assignment
  20. Fast Phobia Cure:
  21. How to Change Personal History.
  22. Change the way you remember your Past.
  23. How to turn Negatives into Positives
  24. Decision Strategies & Decision Destroyer
  25. Deep Trance Strategies
  26. The Swish
  27. Visual Squash: stop addictions in minutes
  28. How to Reframe your Life
  29. Parenting your Inner Child
  30. Hypnosis and Hypnotic Techniques
Course Fee: Duration : 5 days Timings : 9.30am - 5.30pm Cost : Rs20,000 + taxes(Includes Certification, Course Material & Manual, Lunch and Tea/Snacks) REGISTER NOW AT:- Here is what our participants say about the workshop.. Well known industrialist and 4 times award winner for his contributions in the Dairy filed. S.S.Patil's feedback after attending the course.