Silva UltraMind ESP (Silva US Certified)

Contents of the Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar The same lectures and exercises are included in the live seminars Learn to use your intuition accurately, reliably, and regularly with The Silva Method UltraMind ESP System to find your purpose in life, and make better decisions in all areas of your life. To restore and maintain excellent health; for fulfilling relationships in your business and personal life; Einstein claimed that he used only 10% of his mind, and the general public uses only about 3% or 4%. Can you imagine if you did not know how to use your both legs comfortably, used either of the leg and simply dragged the other one? You had a firm belief that the people who can use both legs are the 'blessed and gifted ones'. Then all of a sudden , someone taught you how to use both legs together, and also ensured that you did your baby steps in couple of hours and in 2 days you started walking and dancing like others. Imagine dragging all around with one leg... compared to walking and running and dancing and climbing stairs with both! That's the difference between being limited to just objective information, as compared to being able to also detect subjective information - what we call intuition, or ESP. And then imagine being able to tap into a higher power - to communicate directly with higher intelligence - what some people call Universe / GOD (however you choose to define that) - and add the insight and information and intelligence of that higher intelligence to guide you all the time. Imagine how much easier it would be to make the correct decisions, to do the right things. You will have access to all of the tools that the creator gave you for making decisions, and then implementing those decisions. Just by simply using both brain hemispheres. You will learn how to use both sides of your brain effectively to manifest whatever you want in life.Once you learn to meditate we teach you to tap into your ESP. You will experience undeniable evidence of your own ESP by Day 2. This is an incredibly powerful and emotional moment for many of our graduates. In essence the Benefits of this program includes :
  • Success in business and Personal Life
  • Fast Relaxation and Concentration in less than 10 seconds
  • Develop Your Creativity &Talents using Your Natural Inner Senses
  • Improve your Memory & get better work/study results.
  • Alpha and Theta Healing
  • Techniques to use law of Attraction
  • Learn how to develop your Natural Psychic Inborn ability's (ESP), Psychometry - Remote Viewing – Telepathy
  • Using Your intuition to make better and right decisions.
  • Develop Self Confidence
Session 1a Opening session Approximately 18 minutes. 08:54 Benefits of ESP 14:15 Knowledge and wisdom 15:11 ESP for guidance from high intelligence 16:02 Psi Missing: Turn failure into success 16:48 Your natural psychic ability 17:01 Introduce Jose Silva 17:24 Change the consciousness of humanity Session 1b Jose Silva explains his Method Approximately 32 minutes. 02:19 How to improve Guessing Faculty 03:22 Worked with EEG 03:57 EEG - Successful people function at 10 cps 05:23 How to lower brain freq 06:16 Everybody wanted the deepest level 08:16 How to slow the brain 09:11 Cycles of human development 11:57 90 percent function at 20 cps 12:33 Slow to 10 cps 13:05 Psyche-orientation 13:38 Subconscious converted to Inner Conscious 15:29 Correct way to function 16:19 Brain hemispheres 17:18 Strongest frequency 19:37 Why we developed our System 21:01 How to slow brainwaves 23:40 Benefits of Centered people 25:49 Enter alpha 30 times / min 26:58 Benefits 27:27 Subconscious Giant 27:47 Writers praise subconscious 29:15 Become Clairvoyant 29:45 Lucky r-brain thinkers 30:11 Accomplishing our mission Video: A video of this session is also included Session 1c How to practice the Silva Centering Exercise (The Long Relaxation Exercise). Approximately 11 minutes. 06:35 ESP Statements 07:18 Post Effects Session 1d The Silva Centering Exercise with the Alpha Sound Practice this exercise regularly in order to establish and deepen your level so that you can function from your center, 10 cycles alpha. Approximately 30 minutes. Session 2a ESP - Effective Sensory Projection Approximately 36 minutes. 04:32 ESP defined and explained 11:55 Astral Projection 13:53 Mental Projection 16:47 Evil Spirits 18:58 How does Holistic Faith Healing work? 23:44 Christ Centurion Servant 28:11 Wisdom Session 2b MentalVideo What the Mental Video is and how to use it. Approximately 50 minutes. 03:31 Dealing with Unintended Consequences of your programming 12:50 We were sent here for a purpose 15:42 MV formula 16:09 Terminology: See, Visualize, Imagine 20:08 Correcting problems 24:14 Delta Doorway 31:07 Our mission 32:44 Laws of Programming 41:17 Higher Intelligence Session 2c Precondition the Projection to Home Exercise This is the first Mental Projection exercise. Use your mind to remotely view your home, and then project right into the heart of it. Approximately 31 minutes. 02:26 Principles that apply when programming 03:10 Why the future is to the Left in the subjective dimension 06:06 Mental Screen - terminology 10:49 Project to home 22:46 Post Effects Session 2d The Silva Projection to Home Conditioning Exercise with the Alpha Sound Approximately 39 minutes. Session 3a How to go even deeper with the Silva Centering Exercise (The Long Relaxation Exercise). Approximately 18 minutes. 02:54 Question: Concentration 06:20 Question: No Tingling 06:56 Question: How do I know 09:09 Case working 15:50 Preview Metals Session 3b The Silva Centering Exercise with the Alpha Sound Approximately 29 minutes. Session 4a Using the MentalVideo for Health Approximately 45 minutes. 11:48 Bill's Parsley 18:37 Cath's surgery 22:55 Libby and Karl 18:27 Correcting health problems 35:11 An medical ethics question - God knows best 39:28 Look for objective indications Session 4b Precondition Projection Into Metals Conditioning Cycle Approximately 28 minutes. 00:47 We are Multi Dimensional and multi tasking 04:28 Physicists call this Non locality 06:37 Introduction to Health Cases 11:02 Precondition Projection into Metals 12:29 Finger Snapping controls 14:29 Psychometry explained 21:15 Mind guides mind 22:36 Teach your family to enter their center 25:54 Building Blocks of Matter Session 4c The Silva Projection Into Metals Conditioning Cycle Project your mind into the metals and establish points of reference in the Inanimate Matter Kingdom. Program how to practice psychometry, and practice MentalVideo for Health. Includes Theta Sound in the background. Approximately 39 minutes. Session 5a Suggestions for reaching deeper levels of mind Suggestions from Juan Silva's years of experience helping people find deep healthy levels of mind to use to correct problems. Discussions about experiences at the alpha level. Approximately 22 minutes. 11:34 Thoughts about Level 2 14:33 Question: I feel like I am floating 16:38 Story: Babysitter and Monster Session 5b The Silva Centering Exercise with the Theta Sound Approximately 29 minutes. Session 6a Using the MentalVideo for Relationships Approximately 36 minutes. 01:18 Finding the ideal mate 06:19 How to know what to do 07:55 How to get others to help you 08:45 Better business relationships 09:14 Juan's Approach to Selling 09:41 Business Agreements 10:49 Examples: Getting someone back 13:06 Programming partner - support system 14:13 Diana and the Doctor 16:38 Marge Liddy 18:15 Friendships 21:10 A difficult business transaction 24:27 Troubled teen 25:19 The result of Bill's programming for companionship 26:07 Annoying coworkers 27:36 Removing doubt - when influencing others 28:13 Diana and Emilio 29:14 Dolores to class 32:48 You've been MentalVideoed 33:28 Recap Session 6b Precondition Projection to Tree and Into Leaves Conditioning Cycle Approximately 22 minutes. 00:00 Objectively study 2 leaves, precondition 02:18 Cleve Backster - relationships with all life 05:35 Pretend vs Intend 06:09 Necessary and beneficial 06:58 Jim and hollow bones - intent to help 08:53 Cannot hurt mentally at a distance 11:42 Developing confidence w/successes 12:37 Uncovering new talents 14:27 Human cells 18:08 Worst stressors Session 6c The Silva Projection to Tree and Into Leaves Conditioning Cycle Project your mind to a tree and observe it through a growing season, then project your mind into two leaves and establish points of reference in the Animate Matter Kingdom. Approximately 32 minutes. Session 7a Prepare to practice the Silva Centering Exercise again Approximately 2 minutes. 00:24 Question: I don't feel like I am going as deep as before Session 7b The Silva Centering Exercise with the Theta Sound Approximately 27 minutes. Session 8a Jose Silva's 3-Scenes Technique for Problem Solving Approximately 53 minutes. 03:55 Affirmations: How they work, and the most powerful kind 09:28 Mental Screen 13:05 Future to left 21:16 Case Working 27:51 Agape workshop 28:42 Robert Collier 33:55 Overcoming obstacles 35:31 God needs us 36:23 Continue 3-Scenes 38:22 English Board 40:30 God within you 40:51 Getting rich 41:05 How to win lottery 43:54 Pgm with Psychometry Session 8b Jose Silva: Better business on a spiritual foundation Approximately 14 minutes. 00:00 Introduce Jose Silva 00:50 Godly dimension, cannot create pbms 01:51 Business 03:10 Meet customer mentally first 03:42 Mental Screen 05:12 R-brain only for helping 05:42 Mental Rehearsal 05:57 Must first happen in world of the mind 06:22 Pgm in future in past tense sense 07:13 Plan with r, act with l 07:19 Create a model, solve any pbm 07:44 Pbm solving steps 08:41 Imagination produces solutions 09:02 Know which direction to move 10:06 Variables affecting success 11:13 Best for all concerned 11:26 Must try to solve every pbm 11:35 Woman with many pbms 12:12 Steps in solving a problem 12:44 Many other ways to use techniques 13:18 Mind is the Common Denominator Session 8c Precondition the Projection to the Anatomy of a Pet Exercise Study the Anatomy of a Pet from a Psychic Pont of View. Approximately 25 minutes. 02:32 Research by Dr. Bruce Lipton: Science supports our research 06:26 Soul Mold 17:23 How psychic functioning works 19:15 Explain Case Working Session 8d The Silva Projection to the Anatomy of a Pet Conditioning Exercise with the Theta Sound Approximately 27 minutes. Session 9a Prepare to practice the Silva Centering Exercise again How to continue practicing Centering Exercise on your own. Approximately 6 minutes. 02:55 Benefit of repeating class - why it feels so good in a group setting Session 9b The Silva Centering Exercise with the Theta Sound Approximately 27 minutes. Session 10a Precondition Projection to Human Anatomy Part 1 Approximately 27 minutes. 00:19 Mental guidance 02:10 Precondition human anatomy 01:10 Use level to correct pbms, change your experience 02:37 Learn to use ESP anywhere, anytime 04:45 Correct polarity or mirror image 07:40 Detecting what your subject experiences 10:24 Marie and the missing husband case 14:07 Time Mechanism 16:21 Past Present Future 16:42 Predicting the future 18:58 Use Projection to detect problems 20:25 Avoid causing problems 23:23 Learning to detect problems with ESP 23:38 Establishing points of reference that you can use later 24:30 The Soul Mold 25:57 Correct all the problems you detect Session 10b The Silva Projection to Human Anatomy Conditioning Exercise with the Theta Sound Part 1 Approximately 31 minutes. Session 10c Precondition Projection to Human Anatomy Part 2 Approximately 10 minutes. 04:56 How to practice psychometry 06:10 Elimination Technique Session 10d The Silva Projection to Human Anatomy Conditioning Exercise with the Theta Sound Part 2 Approximately 27 minutes. Session 11a Your Purpose in Life Wrapup, answer questions about the case working experiences, and discuss how to carry out your mission in life Approximately 32 minutes. 00:53 Why work test samples of 10 health cases? 01.3 Case work accuracy 02:59 Honest psychics 04:04 Question about what we are detecting 04:12 Insert question 04:56 Don't suggest problems to case subjects 05:41 Magic 50 Health Cases 08:59 Graduation 09:54 MV Purpose in Life 12:47 How JS was guided to his mission 16:52 The Greatest Generation 17:56 Guidance from higher intelligence 19:55 Your connection to God 22:16 Your purpose in life 25:20 Precondition Grad Cond Cycle 26:57 Introduce Jose Silva for some final thoughts 27:21 You are the missionaries Session 11b The Silva International Graduate Association Graduate Support Group Workshop Conditioning Exercise with the Theta Sound Approximately 28 minutes. Session 12a Jose Silva explains case working Session 12b Jose Silva as your orientologist Jose Silva guides you through an ESP exercise Order the Complete Home Seminar Now

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