Silva UltraMind ESP Trainers Training


We from Tranquil gardens want to reach out to millions of people's life to create Greater Joy and Fulfillment in their lives through our workshops and motivational Seminars which are designed to create personal awakening and powerful insights for people achieve their best , with perfect balance and harmony in personal and professional life.

This is our invitation for you to join in our mission. We are eager to work with dynamic, motivated & can-do people. Who would like to be part of our team.

Required qualification for the Certified Silva UltraMind ESP Trainers training

* Silva UltraMind ESP Graduate
(attended the 2 days training under supervision any of Silva Ultramind USP trainers).

What is covered :

The certification program consists of four days plus interaction with other Silva UltraMind ESP Trainers. You will be provided complete trainer’s kit and Silva Instructor web access. After successful completion you would be getting Silva Trainer’s Certficate from Texas USA.

We will be sharing the research methodology behind the ESP and Clarifying the 2-days content and you'll learn how to guide people through the process, using their intuition, and clear there doubts if any. While we've done our best to outline the process clearly in the Trainers Manual, We'll guide you through the process to help others get that kind of experience.

Scoring success during the case working, psychometry (collect information from a distance/ESP) and health cases - you'll understand how important this is, and how to help others achieve deeper insights in the process.

The powerful process, reaching the Alpha Mind control (Brainwave), you'll be able to help anyone understand how to use the Special techniques like 'the mental video' and 'the 3 scene technique'. And how to recognize and follow the guidance from Nature which is constantly directing them along the path of their destiny. It is the failure of most people when they do not recognize there inner guidance system, which leads 80% to lives of unhappiness and dissatisfaction.

Business opportunity

After completing the trainers training you are able as certified trainer to teach and organize the Training/workshop on your own as a business. In fact, we hope this will become a valuable stream of income to support you in living our Dreams and ad value to many lives!!

Your Investment

The pricing is arranged so that you can recover your entire investment for Trainers Training and the teaching materials when you teach the training to your first 12 students.

Working with Tranquil Gardens

The Possibility is open to work together with Tranquil Gardens for the trainings organized by Tranquil Gardens. During the Trainers Training we will discuss this in details.

How To Register?

Step 1: Please fill in the Registration form here (Click Here).

Step 2: Deposit the full amount in our bank account for

Silva UltraMind ESP Trainers Training before 19th Nov 2014

Note:- Your seat is confirmed only after full payment is received in our bank account before closing date of registration and allow us to prepare for a excellent Trainers Training