Tarot Reader (Beginner Level)

Tarot is a remarkable and effective tool to understand your life - who you are and what to do about your life. It brings clarity to various aspects of life. Today it is mostly seen as a means of fortune-telling, or divination, called Cartomancy.

The history of Tarot is quite ambiguous, with more theories than one can count and no solid evidence to back any. There’s a trail of evidence from across cultures and regions and no one knows who developed it first and why. Having said that, tarot cards, as we know them today, have developed over a very very long period of time. They have survived to this day, not without reason. The cards contain deep truths about underlying principles and laws that have governed man’s existence and formed a basis of life experience.

Most decks are based on the Rider Waite system, and have 78 cards. The deck is divided into Major Arcana (22 cards) and Minor Arcana (56 cards)

The cards with their symbolism speak about the principles of existence - how we are as individuals, how we can take responsibility for our lives, how we can get in touch with our true essence, how we can re-direct our lives into a more fruitful path, etc. They represent the development of consciousness, complete with the pitfalls and challenges that riddle the path. They speak the language of cause and effect, karma and dharma, bringing clarity and coherence to the frequently encountered chaos of life. They help us learn this language, taking us on a spiritual journey to understand how we ourselves cause us to experience life the way we do.

We all strive for a life of joy, love and balance, a life where we are constructive and valuable to the world. The tarot can help us understand the unconscious factors and aspects that block us from experiencing just that. They help us connect with our own inner voice, and the higher self/divine self, to discover more of the person we are.

To help you enrich your life with this extraordinary gift, in this 2 day workshop we will cover :

  • The history of Tarot
  • How to cleanse, charge and store Tarot cards
  • How to prepare yourself and the space to give a reading
  • How Tarot can be useful in day-to-day life
  • Detailed study of each of the Major Arcana - the sequence and symbols
  • Detailed study of Minor Arcana - numerology, symbols and personality readings with court cards
  • How to interpret each card in varying contexts of money, relationships, personal growth, career, health, etc
  • How to weave a story for different queries through different spreads
  • 8 different spreads for different kinds of queries and guidance


Trainers - Saainirmala & Preethi

Fee - Rs. 10620/-

Duration - 2 days or 16 hours

One on One trainings are also done, to register please WhatsApp or Email us.