Tarot Reader (Professional Level)

This tarot advanced course is a must if you want to become a professional Tarot reader where you will be trained to give effective readings for the general public. Tarot reading is a popular and ancient art-form. An effective Reading can help to encourage confidence, esteem and choice for a client. A Tarot reading can also help a client to gain insight and awareness, serving as a platform for reflection and evaluation of their everyday lives The prerequisite/requirements for attending this course : Completed Tranquil Garden’s level one course
  • Review of basic level
  • How to give a reading in an ethical & empowering way
  • You’ll learn how to prepare for a Tarot reading and be in the flow , ask the right questions and choose the best spread for a most insightful and empowering Tarot reading.
  • Storytelling with the Tarot
  • Meaning of symbols
  • Inverse card interpretations
  • Cards in relation to each other in a spread
  • Twelve Spreads
  • Affirmations using Tarot Cards
  • Framing Of Questions
  • Cleansing and Charging of Cards
  • Drawing a Blank
  • Giving Emergency Readings
  • Reading For Yourself
  • eloping and trusting your intuition .ie. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience & other Psychic impressions
  • How to do Cleansing, grounding & protection
  • Learning a variety of spreads & putting them into practice- reading for eachother
  • Professional practice- how to set yourself up as a Tarot Practitioner, the law, advertising, accreditation, insurance.
  • The pros & cons of each practice: private, phone lines, markets/festivals/gigs, skype, phone & online readings, shops & centres.
  • Dealing with the public: Speech, communication, responsibilities, boundaries
No. Days : 3 Days Course Fee : Rs.16520/- (Including Course Material , Lunch & Certificate )