Tranquil Gardens was founded in the field of holistic healing methods with a vision to support people on enabling to Live the Life You Love and Love the Life You Live”. Having worked in the corporate sector and being exposed to a wide range of challenges in work, family, and relationships, we, at Tranquil Gardens, have come a long way in our journey as spiritual seekers. Our deep yearning to understand more about life and existence led us to explore different healing modalities and dive deep into them. The exploration has allowed us to realize the wisdom within each of us. We are passionate about helping and supporting the seeker in their growth and evolution in life.

We have been able to help clients from all across the nation for the past decade, and have recently started to cater to the needs of the international community. We are blessed that we were guided in the most transformational way in our personal lives such that we are able to share the learning with others.