Shobha Sreenath, Hypnotherapist, Bangalore

Saai Madam is an excellent trainer. I love to attend her classes. The chakra healing course so informative and healing. It is an amazing course.

Vanaja.K, Management Professional, Bangalore.

Very very comprehensive and all aspects covered. I liked the relations to yoga and mantras. Also liked that we did lots of meditations & learned how to use the pendulum. The theory is so clear & I feel a lot of healing already. Saai Nirmala is an absolute inspiration & has made the class worth every second of time.

C.V.Ram Pravin, Student Counsellor, Salem (TN).

The workshop was very interesting and enjoyable. I am happy to be part of this workshop. The classes taken by Saai Nirmala were indepth and informative. Thanks a lot.

Manohar Babu Kondapalli, Healer, Bangalore

A wonderful experience and learning course spanning two days. The detailed knowledge transfer and guided meditations are really informative. The chakra mantra chanting sessions were great and the vibrations were excellent.
Ms.Saai Nirmala was very patient and generous in explaining the subject and clearing our querries. Thank you Saai Ma’am.

Varalakshmi.S, Software professional, Bangalore

The course takes us through the importance of each chakra. It helps one to co-relate to their problems & gives solutions to overcome them. Mudras, colors, chants & even exercises are mentioned which are very helpful for the seekers.

Aruna Vijayakumar, Software Engineer, Bangalore

Saai is a well informed instructor about the course that she is dealing with. The course definitely helped in co-relating the behaviors, outcomes & diseases related to each chakra & also learnt about balancing & unblocking the chakras.

Indira Jayanthi, PG Teacher, Salem(TN).

Had wonderful experience which I am unable to express. All sessions were very useful. After the two day workshop I felt most of my problems and blocks removed. I am now planning to attend more workshops at Tranquilgardens, and also share my experiences with my friends. Thanks to Ms.Saai Nirmala.

Chidambar Narayan.R, Yoga Instructor, Bangalore.

Very useful workshop. It brings a lot changes in you. It helps you to heal yourself.

Anshoo Srivastava, Banker, Bangalore

Excellent Programme. New window opened for new life.

Sandesh Tikare, Change Manager, Bangalore.

The level of knowledge that was shared by Raghu was tremendous to help us understand the new world. It is just amazing.

Netravathi Tikare, IT Analyst,

Knowledge shared is really helpful, easy to understand. Looking forward to enhance my knowledge and understanding with Tranquil Gardens family.

Dr.Anoopkumar.K.V., Clinical Psychologist, Thiruvanandhapuram.

Sessions have been scientific, informative, humorous and application oriented. The instructor isa brilliant communicator.

Sanjeev Jain, Engineer, Vizag

Learned new concepts. I was impressed with the course and our trainer Mr.Raghu. Would like to finish other levels also.

Ms.Rekha, Softwarte Engineer, Bangalore.

It was a totally new experience. Facinated by the information, flow of the course, examples, questions dealt with answers were excellent.

Sonia Jain, Counselling Psychologist, Vizag.

This course I feel would be very useful for my counselling sessions, it has increased my quest for further study in this subject. I thank my coachMr.Raghunathan, who has revealed that part of life which seemed to be a mysteryand I hope this will also help me to deal with my personal challenges.

Pariskshit M.A. , Engineering Professional, Bangalore

The course content was very insightful. It opened up to a new worldaltogether. Now I understand the basics of our lives and created an interest and opportunity to explore more on this new world which we experienced in the last 2 days. Special thanks to Mr.Raghunathan Perumal and Tranquil Gardens for facilitating this.

V.S.Madhumathi, Software Professional, Bangalore

Wonderful experience with a very experienced and engaging instructor. Raghu was able to very seamlessly take me through the concepts while making it very interesting. I am going back with much more than I expected.

Asha Dalal, Spiritual Healer, Bangalore

Very happy to learn Level1 of Hypnotherapy. Positive energy here is more. We leraned so many positive things in Hypnosis Level 1. It is a homely environment. Tranquil Gardens is a garden of positive energy.

Robin Thomas, Social Entreprenuer, Bangalore

The two days were immensely enlightening and eye opener in dipelling a lot of ignorance and misconceptions. The faculty was excellent and a born teacher. I enjoyed every moment, and leaving completely educated.

N.Ravindran, Senior Executive, Mysore

Thanks for giving a direction to a better living.

Vanaja K, Marketing Professional from IT industry, Bangalore

This has been an awesome and inspiring course. Raghu has made it so interesting and I cant wait to complete all levels and do some of the other elated courses like NLP. The theory of Mind is so simple and yet makes perfect sense. The self Hypnosis is easy and very powerful. Above all, Tranquil Gardens feels comfortable and truly Tranquil.

Dr.Manoharan Pattali, Psychologist, Cochin

Excellent training. Explained everything in details with his personal experience in this field. Enjoyed fully

Monarch Limaye, HR Professional, Bangalore

The course was very informative and opened my eyes to a greatnumber of possibilities available for me in the world. I liked the method of teaching and the facilitator. This should be spread wider.

Srividhya, Business Woman, Bangalore

Very relaxed and comfortable classes. Learnt beautiful things about life and creation. Now I am fully aware of my mind and how it works. I have now realized everything is possible in life, and Life is very simple.

Ms.Shobha Sreenath, Bangalore

I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful workshop done by Raghu sir. I have walked away with new skill and confidence. He is a fantastic coach. I enjoyed the workshop. Thank you Sir. I look forward to attending the advanced levels as well.

Dr.Pooja Prashanth, Dentist, Bangalore

Hypnotherapy Level 1 course was a wonderful session with many beautiful experiences which is truly unbeleivable. I heartily thank Tranquilgardens team for supporting us to take knowledge and learn beautiful technique which will haelp us give service to people. Special thanks to Mr.Raghunathan – The knowledge what he gave and the way he taught us was simply awesome. Thank you so very much sir.

S.Pavan, Businessman, Bangalore

The couse was a mind opening one & I firmely understand the concept of mind & hypnosis Completely. I am eager to attend Level 2 of this course. And I want to take this as an alternative career in my life.

Sinivasan Sivakumar, Executive from Microsoft, Bangalore

Excellent course with good examples. Loved it.

Suresh Joshi, India Head, Otto Hofstetter India Pvt Ltd,Bangalore.

This was a very useful course for me. To understand about NLP, and the logic behind NLP. I now also understand where all NLP canbe used. I also undertand who we are, what we are and how others are and how to behave with others.

Chidambar Narayan, Yoga Instructor, Bangalore.

NLP is one of the best workshop which I have attended. I did the best thing coming early to this course. It will make you to see the world in a better way.

Dr.Shrinidhi, Ayurvedha Doctor, Bangalore.

Had a good experience with different kinds of persons. Felt very useful both for my own life as well as for my profession. Sincerely think that this kind of workshops should reach every single person.

Prakash Seshachar, Business man, Bangalore

This was an amazing and eye Opening experience and knowledge. Now I can see the world in a different way and understand people much better.

Ashwinee, Software Professional, Bangalore

Excellent course and Raghu is an excellent trainer. This should reach masses andit will make life simple and happyand the world will become a better place to live in.

Chidambar Narayan, Yoga Instructor, Bangalore

It was a wonderful experience and got to know about myself. I changed the views about others in a positive way. I learnt many things & there are many other things to learn. Thank you very much Tranquil Gardens.

Ashwinee, Software Engineer, Bangalore

Excellent cover-up of topics related to and required for budding master level. All concepts very well explained. Crystal healing and pendulum technique along with sacred geometry are bonus . Thank you for beautifully designing the courses.

Bina Harish Parmar, Designer / Healer, Bangalore

Beautifulenlightening Reiki course. Very well and thoroughly taught with beautiful meditations…Didn’t want it to end . Tahnk you Saai.

Depessh Parmar, Therapist, Bangalore

Lovely experience, deep level meditation journeys. Really impressed with energy of Holy Fire. And of course thanks to our teacher SaaiNirmala for empowering us. Sincere gratitude.

Shobha Sreenath, Hypnotherapist, Bangalore

I like Saai ma’am’s way of teaching student. I get very inspired by attending her classes

Sumana Balu, Home Maker, Bangalore

It was very interesting and felt very good. I could completely cut myself off emotionally from everything else and I felt I can definitely heal myself & help others too with it.

Sharrmadaa Baluu, Tennis Player, Bangalore

I am trying out Reiki first time and it was very insightful & exciting. Looking forward to practicing it

Paneendra Prasad, Business Man, Bangalore

Reiki is a very useful technique. Saai Nirmala Madam taught very well. This is very important for the society as well.

Monarch Limaye, HR Professional, Bangalore

Very good experience. Learnt the basics & different posibilities available to heal self & others.

Ajay Kumar Gowda, Sales Professional, Bangalore.

Finally found a way take birth again.
Thanks a lot for the Reiki technique & Masters who all worked for it and finding out the process. Thanks a lot for SaaiNirmala Madam for her enormous patience, time and hospitality.

Janardhana Reddy, Business man, Bangalore

I had got initiated to reiki Level 1&2 earlier. Learning with SaaiNirmala was a different experience. And I strongly feel that this is how the teaching and attunement to be done.

Payal Mehta, Software engineer, Bangalore

Class was wonderful. ICRT manuals are so structured. Got to know the reason behind every procedure of Reiki. All the doubts are answered.

D.Malathi Belur, Writer, Bangalore

Thank you. The session was comprehensive. It focussed on all aspects of Reiki, that a beginner must know. Besides, most facinating feature was to explain how theory of chakra works even with Reiki. It was convincing. Presentation was simple, direct, influencing and inspiring. Thanks a Lot.

Indira Jayanti, PG Teacher, Salem (TN).

I enjoyed the Reiki workshop. Ms.Saainirmala taught us simple techniques, to remember the symbols. Reiki is like a sea and I have a long way to go. I am waiting to attend other levels also to become a complete healer and a trainer.

Upasna Dwarakanath, Holistic Life Coach, Bangalore

In the span of two days, my intuition soared phenomenally. It was a pleasant surprise where at the end of day 1 itself I was able to psychically sense information about my family at home.

Vrshank Baluu, Student / Golfer, Bangalore

I absolutely loved and enjoyed the course. I learned more than what I expected and this course cleared my doubts and enlightened me about how the mind works. I also had a brilliant instructor in Preethi Madam.

Jayanth Kumar Shukla, Engineer, Dubai

Very good program. Very helpful for self as well as for others.
Very good environment. Very interactive group.

Prakash Seshachar, Real Estate Business, Bangalore

Amazing course on how to bring about solutions by just going to the Alpha state. Enjoyed the two days.

Thirthu Kumar.N, Student, Bangalore

It was very effective course. Preethi mam explained very well. The way we look at society & people have changed. This course helps us to improve the quality of thinking. Enjoyed a lot. Thanks to Tranquil Gardens.

Poulami Sarkar Baruah, Therapist / Healer, Bangalore

Information provided in the course is more than expected. Very interesting knwledge. It sure will make my life more interesting.

Neethi Bharadwaj, Homemaker, Bangalore

Preethi madam is a wonderful instructor. She helped me reach my goal of understanding intution through her guidance. She answered all my querries and cleared my doubts patiently. I would love to learn more under her guidance. I am already missing the class. A big thank you to her.

K.Dwarakanath, Professional, Bangalore

Thank you for a very interesting session. Kept comfortable and correct pace. Very good responses and answers with your wide variety of examples.

Dr.Sumanth T.P, Psychiatrist, Bangalore

Very good workshop. Entered a very interesting space waiting to develop my intution and psychic ability. The meditation sessions were excellent.

Ashwinee, Software Engineer, Bangalore.

Simply Awesome! Come and experience this great gift to mankind. Preethi as an instructor was very good and explained the concepts crystal clear.

Payal Mehta, Software Engineer, Bangalore

I really appreciate the efforts taken by Preethi in making us understand all the concepts. She even strethched the class till 8 pm to work on our issues and give more information to clarify our doubts. SO many WoW moments in class. Now I know how to take better decision. Thanks a lot!

Swetha Jain, Psychotherapist, Bangalore

Too, too many Wow moments.Has changed me as a person from inside. The intuition and sixth sense has risen up considerably. This is a lovely course which people should try and attend. Heartfelt gratitude to Preethi. Thank you!

Janardhana Rao, Central Government Employee, Bangalore.

Very effective course. Preethi has given a very good lecture on Mind. She taught how to relax very quickly that was good. I enjoyed it.

S.Ashok Babu, Engineer, Bangalore

This course helped to enter the deeper levels of my mind. There in an improvement in my ability to focus and visualizewith ease. My energy levels are much higher compared to eralier. Thank you.

Nagaraja.JS. CEO – Co-operative bank, Bangalore

Excellent Workshop. I have got good experience. Thanks to Saainirmala Madam.

Sapna Rohira, Business Woman, Bangalore

SAINIRMALA is good, has lots of patience and gave me a good knowledge of Tarot cart reading. Thank u

Suresh Sharma, Healer and Vastu Expert, Bangalore

I learnt a lot about Tarot. It opened new vison in my life, which will be useful for all human beings. Wish everyone make use of this wonderful knowledge. I am greatful to Mrs.Sai Nirmala giving this wonderful knowledge

Payal Mehta, Software Engineer, Bangalore

I am able to solve mysteries with the use of tarot card under your guidance. Got the answers of few questions that were bothering me. I loved your structured teaching & punctuality, dedication.